From the Chairman’s Desk

For most Indians the decision to buy a house is the single most important financial decision of their lives. Woven in that decision is their family’s joy and happiness. At that critical moment, they need a reliable shoulder with a proven track record of being trustworthy like a mother's like Matoshree Infrastructure.

Matoshree Infrastucture symbolizes cherished Indian values handed down through generation. Values that are reflected in its daily business operations’. Trust is very fragile and we are ever conscious that is needs to be nurtured carefully, through every single transaction. For us every new transaction is the beginning of a new long term relationship with the client.

The last twenty years have seen a favorable change in the construction industry environment. Government’s enlightened policies have been a major trigger and along with that financial institutions have been exhibiting an extremely encouraging trend and thus the consequent growth in home ownership is there for all to see.